Review  |  Beyond: Two Souls Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain follow-up is a superb interactive experience, but can they balance heavy narrative with compelling gameplay?  8/10by Stan McGuigan


Review  |  Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain follow-up is a superb interactive experience, but can they balance heavy narrative with compelling gameplay?  8/10

by Stan McGuigan

russianpsychic asked, "'Holmes... That was a joke. Watson out.'"

"Did you just pull a Sherlock joke on me?" Oddly she didnt really hear those puns enough.

natedawkins-deactivated20140403 asked, "[Don't chase the rabbit]"

To be honest, Jodie thought that being in the CIA would be all secret missions and fighting. What with all the damned training she had to go through. But there was more to it. Classes that absorbed most of the day that she needed to study hard for. Protocols and steps needed to be taken on undercover missions. The need to adapt to different environments as situations changed depending on the role given in the mission. Jodie was working hard to meet expectations - but then again, didnt she always?

She’d been writing in her free time to Nathan and Cole. Though, she supposed most of her letters she never sent. Letters that she was staring at for a long, silent moment before there came a knocking at her door. Closing the notebook she kept them tucked away in, and tossing it on her bed, Jodie stood and jogged to the door.

The doorknob was cold to the touch as she gripped it. The roll of her wrist twisting the knob and pulling the slab of wood away form it’s resting place. It was time for her final test. It was just a reminder; Jodie had to be on the field in ten. Tardy arrivals would not be accepted. Soon she was standing before an empty doorway, and left to her thoughts, and Aiden. There was no turning back from her training.

After all, where else could she turn?

Glancing back over her shoulder, she laid eyes on the photograph of Nathan and Cole she’d taken with her when she’d first been taken away from her ‘home’. It seemed like such a very, very long time ago. “Wish me luck, guys.” The curve of her lips drew up into a half smile, feeling rather silly for talking to a photo. But at times it did make her feel a little better. Maybe soon after passing this test she’d get the chance to see them again.


Jodie Holmes Before Entering The Party

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It was a bath much deserved and looked forward to. When was the last time she was able to soak herself in hot water? To relax and scrub all this nasty dirt and sweat off of herself without worrying about anyone disturbing her for one reason or another? No feds, swat, no assholes with bats. It was just going to be her, the hot bath, soaps and steam and… well Aiden, but only because it couldnt really be helped. But it was all right, even he seemed to be behaving himself. No shampoo bottles were going flying, no writing on the mirrors in the steam. She’d just barely slipped in, a sigh of content passing those lips as she felt the hot water envelop her, lightly stinging at her skin until her skin adjusted to the temperature.

Sadly, it didnt last long at all. 

Next thing she knows the door’s flinging open and there’s that guy in the gasmask just barging in like he owns the place. Well maybe not but he sure as heck didnt give a second thought to his actions. Jodie lurched up from her relaxed sink into the water and reached for the nearest solid object and chucked it at him. A shampoo bottle wasn’t going to do much damage but it might just knock some fucking sense into that thick skull. “Jesus fucking Christ! What the hell is your problem? Ever heard of fucking knocking?!”

It also helped a little when Aiden sent the door launching back at him from where it had been swung open. Dont let the door hit’cha where the dog should’a bit’cha. 

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❝You're a lost cause❞

❝There's too many people you used to know
They see you coming they see you go
They know your secrets and you know theirs
This town is crazy; nobody cares

Baby you're lost
Baby you're lost
Baby you're a lost cause.❞

[Jodie Holmes || Beyond: Two Souls]